Conference Halls in Izmailovo Hotel

Izmailovo hotel offers the lease of conference halls and speech rooms of different capacities for carrying out of conferences, workshops, congresses and stand-up meals.

7 different conference halls with capacity from 30 to 350 persons are at your service!

Premises are conditioned, deafened and equipped with all necessary equipment.

Our tariff for lease of conference halls and coffee-break

List of equipment in conference halls:

  • Overhead projector for reproduction of image on the screen, with diagonal 120 inches (300sm).
  • TV set, DVD-record player and videotape recorder. Formats for cassettes and disks: VHS, S-VHS, DVD, CD, MP3.
  • Sound amplification: radio microphone and stationary microphones.
  • Computer: OS Windows, drive CD, DVD.
  • Access to Internet network by dedicated line.
  • All halls are equipped with systems of air conditioning.

Conference halls:

Conference halls
Conference halls
Conference halls

Reservation of conference halls of Izmailovo hotel is carried out by phone: +7 (495) 505-20-28

In case of partial or complete annulment of an application for the lease of the conference hall "Organization" pays to the "Hotel" the forfeit, equal to:
25% in case of annulment 10 days before the beginning of the event;
50% in case of annulment during carrying out of the event;

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